Tools for the Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 (MSFS 2020)

Tools for the Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020:

Sinkrate 2.0 as InGame-Panel

The new sinkrate-tool "Sinkrate 2.0" is developed as InGame-Toolbar-Panel for the MSFS 2020.

Like its predecessor the tool shows aircraft-related, editable information.

But the InGame-Panel-"Sinkrate 2.0" will show them automatically for the current aircraft.

Beside the calculation of sinkrates there are display-tabs for aircraft-related data for departure, cruise and approach.

Complex Models (like Douglas DC-3) may show additional special information (e.g. start of engines).

Here's your way to the Sinkrate 2.0 inGame-Toolbar-Panel.

Continue Flightplan

"Continue Flightplan" solves a problem where a lot of MSFS-2020-fans are worrying about.

"Continue Flightplan" tries to meet most of these problems.

Aircraft-related properties (position, settings etc.) will be restored in a mostly proper way,
independant of the saved location (parkposition, runway, outback, in air).

Additionally a formerly loaded flightplan will be reduced by older parts of an partially flown flightplan.
So the reduced flightplan will be usable next time and can be continued from the saved position.

You may optionally choose another aircraft to continue the flight plan.

Here's your way to the continue-flightplan-tool.

Start MSFS & tools via batch-script

An example shows how to start MSFS-2020 automatically together with other tools.

After closing MSFS-2020 you may execute the continue-flightplan-script and afterwards automatically quit the started tools.

Here are the batch-files.