Announcement: Tools for the Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 (MSFS 2020)

Here you soon will find 2 Tools for the Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020:

Sinkrate 2.0 as InGame-Panel

The new sinkrate-tool "Sinkrate 2.0" is developed as InGame-Panel for the MSFS 2020.

Like its predecessor the tool knows some aircraft-related information.

But the InGame-Panel-"Sinkrate 2.0" will show them automatically for the current aircraft..

Beside the calculation of sinkrates there are display-tabs for aircraft-related data for departure, cruise and approach.

Complex Models (like Douglas DC-3) may show additional Information (e.g. start of engines).

Continue Flightplan

"Continue Flightplan" solves a problem where a lot of MSFS-2020-fans are worrying about.

"Continue Flightplan" tries to meet these problems.

Aircraft-related properties (position, settings etc.) will be restored in a mostly proper way,
independant of the saved location (parkposition, runway, outback, in air).

Additionally a formerly loaded flightplan will be reduced by older parts of an partially flown flightplan.
So the reduced flightplan will be usable next time and can be continued.