DMT Twisty

An extension for the mail-client Thunderbird 60 which replaces the small folder-twist-symbols (twisties / icons) by larger ones.

All of the web-css-Hacks didn't work with my userChrome.css.
Indeed i was able to change some background-properties, but at least i never got an reaction from the css-rule list-style-image:.

So i installed an official theme ("Monterail Dark" from Emanuele Concas) with larger twisty-symbols.
Afterward i cleaned the files inside the theme as much as possible.



This theme-extension is for Thunderbird 60.
In this version the problem of small twisties ocurred.
The extension should be freed for other versions easily.
Details about handling xpi-extensions can be found here: Installing an Add-on in Thunderbird.


The files inside the xpi-zip-package can easily be edited.
The xpi-file should be correctly opened by any zip-capable application.
After editing all elements in the primary folder-level have to be compressed to an zip-file.
Then the file-suffix "zip" is to be changed into "xpi" and you may install the extension as described above.


Please use the right-click-option "save target as":


My thanks to Emanuele Concas and his extension "Monterail Dark", with which i started my attempts :)